Consumer Decision Maker


The app

Tell us your wishes and we'll help you decide! ConDr gives you suggestions whether to buy or not a product you are looking for by searching through our database.

See online app here.

Original request here:

Develop a web tool to provide consumers with advice on decisions to purchase goods / services in an ethical way. The system will be able to store and use the simple rules of the form "if then " - in our case, for example, "we will not buy / use the product P because it contains / uses substance S", or "I will choose P instead of Q because of M (for example, low mobility or unreasonable price)"- to provide suggestions on personal or group resources. The application will also provide statistics on most of the desired resources, restrictions, people with similar preferences, etc. As a source of inspiration, see Buycott. Bonus: using web microservices.


Feel free to create issues or pull-requests if you have any problems. Please read before pushing any changes.


The ConDr app is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.

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